Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Idea

I enjoy hiking but have passed the stage of tent camping in my life.  The goal of myself and my hiking partner is to complete the entire length of the Appalachian Trail (AT) in New Jersey within 6 months via daily treks which average about 7 miles in length.

So, we mapped out the 72.2 miles of AT within New Jersey and broke it up into 11 "manageable"  day-treks.  The main criteria was to keep these treks one-way which necessitates a hiking partner (or patient non-hiking partner) and two vehicles.  One vehicle would be dropped off at that day's hike finishing point, the driver of the 1st vehicle would join the second car and hiker (driver of the 2nd vehicle) and both would drive to that day's hike beginning point.

There are quite a few road crossings along the AT in New Jersey, however at the northern terminus with NY state, there is no road crossing access to the AT.  Likewise, on the southern portions of the AT, one must hike "up to" the AT via side trail / fire road / abandoned road.

We have used a nomenclature of "Day X trek" where X is 1 through 11.  Day 1 trek has its beginning or end point at the NY State line (northern terminus) and Day 11 trek has its beginning or end point at the AT parking area near the village of Delaware Water Gap, PA.  The southern terminus of the New Jersey AT is actually in the middle of the Rte 80 bridge crossing the Delaware River.

We are not following any particular North-to-South or South-to-North plan, but will have completed every inch of the AT within New Jersey's borders once all 11 treks have been completed.